Our company’s priority is to always supply quality products. This would not be possible without the commitment and attention we pay to our production process, from start to finish.

The raw materials, the production cycle and the finished product are all closely monitored, with chemical and bacteriological analyses and all the tests required by law and laid down in the self-monitoring plans based on the HACCP system. The veterinary service is present in the company at all times to ensure additional and constant monitoring. Our machinery is strictly tested and the surfaces swabbed to guarantee the highest quality standards for our customers.

All the operations performed in the company precisely and fully comply with the operating procedures laid down in the self-monitoring plan, for all phases of the production process:

  • monitoring of raw materials;
  • monitoring of processing and cooking times and temperatures;
  • monitoring of vacuum packaging;
  • monitoring of end-of-line packs with a metal detector, to check for the accidental presence of non-conforming parts;
  • monitoring of the cold chain;
  • monitoring of cleaning and sanitisation procedures;
  • monitoring of food handling staff.