1.Cleaning and degreasing: in hot water in centrifuges that eliminate the inner mucous and outer fat.

2.Cooking: in tanks of boiling water to ensure the uniform cooking of all the products.

3.Cutting: the tripe is cut into strips, ready to be cooked at home.

4.Freezing: part of the production is frozen in a special tunnel freezer at a temperature of -40°, allowing rapid freezing that maintains all the product characteristics.

5.Packaging:   Our product is vacuum packaged on our modern packaging line. The vacuum packing guarantees the highest hygiene and health standards, as well as offering a long shelf life without losing any of the product’s organoleptic characteristics. We supply our customers with products stored in 10/12 kg or 20/25 kg cartons. The cartons are stacked on film-wrapped pallets with a maximum weight of 1000 Kg.

6.Cold chain: the whole production cycle is performed in temperature-controlled and recorded departments. Prior to shipping, the finished product is stored at the temperatures laid down in the differentiated standards according to product type. All the cold cell and department temperatures are recorded.

7.Internal logistics and traceability: the whole production process is controlled by a procedure that provides real time information on the progress of production and guarantees the identification and traceability of the product, from when it arrives at the factory as a raw ingredient to when it is shipped after packaging.