Once the product is ready, it is vacuum packed to guarantee the perfect conservation and keep all its special characteristics intact.

Ferrari Trippa S.r.l. has the quality and integrity of all its products at heart, and this is why it has installed a modern and efficient packaging line guaranteeing the highest hygiene and health standards, as well as the health and shelf life of the packaged tripe.

The quick packaging line can be adapted to suit the needs of customers, by diversifying the size and type of packaging.

Our products are divided into packs weighing around 5 kg, while the cartons come in two different weights:  10-12 kg (2 packs), or 20-25 kg (4 packs).


trippa_bancale3 trippa_cartoni
Box approx. 12kg/24 kg
Pallet approx 1000 kg Vacuum pack approx 5 kg